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material handling

With a wide product portfolio, in house design and engineering capabilities, excellent project management skills, Berollex has been successful in creating some of the most innovative engineering systems for Power, Steel, Mining, Ports, Cement, Fertilizer, Sugar, Chemical, Pharma and other infrastructure sectors in India.

Our range of EQUIPMENT

With the adoption of Industry best practices and consistently delivering equipment that meet the exact requirements of customers, we have the right solutions for your material handling requirements.

feeding equipment

overland conveying systems

screening equipment

vertical conveying systems

crushing equipment

stockyard systems

Screening Equipment

Berollex offers a wide range of screening equipment to meet a variety of screening applications.

Berollex's internal teams and technical partners can deliver the best solutions for complex screening applications and the state of the art in house manufacturing facilities result in high quality equipment.

Our range of screening equipment

  • Circular Motion Screen

  • Linear Motion Screen

  • Flip Flow Screen

  • Grizzly Screen

  • Roller Screen

  • Sizer / Grader

Feeding Equipment

It takes a wide range of feeding equipment and solutions to provide tailor-made results. Berollex's versatile and rugged design of feeders ensures to work in tough operating conditions. Feeders are designed for continuous use and deliver uniform and accurate flow. They are backed by years of proven performance in almost all the industry sectors.

Our range of feeding equipment

  • Pan Feeders

  • Grizzly Feeders

  • Bulk Feeders

  • Reciprocatory Feeders

  • Distribution Feeders

Crushing Equipment

Berollex has been a leader in design and manufacturing of various crushers for the last 20 years. The crushing principles are universal and at the same time very economical. Berollex crushers are comparatively at low power consumption per ton of crushing

Our range of crushing equipment

  • Impact Crusher

  • Reversible Hammer Mill

  • Ring Granulator

  • Roll Crusher

  • Pulverizer

  • Feeder Breaker

Overland Conveying systems

Berollex's 20 years of material handling expertise has brought the best solutions to complex bulk & long distance conveying for Indian Industry. 

Our range of overland conveying equipment

  • Long distance Troughed Belt Conveyor

  • Pipe Conveyor

Vertical Conveying systems

We have rich experience in conveying of various materials vertically (90 degree) and installed one of the largest sidewall cleated belt conveyors in India for pet coke handling and pioneer in bringing in the concept of clinker conveying vertically for the cement industry. It is ideal for high capacity conveying in layout with space constraints.

Our range of vertical conveying equipment

  • Side Wall Cleated Belt Conveyor

  • Sandwich Belt High Angle Conveyors

Stockyard Systems

Berollex brings the vast experience of their technology partners in design and development of wide range of stockyard equipment like stacker, reclaimer, stacker cum reclaimers, full & semi-portal scrapper reclaimer, Side Scraper and belt conveyor system for maximizing the space utilization to meet the expectations of project. Berollex stockyard systems are used to meet all the exclusive operations likes – blending, stacking, reclaiming etc

Our range of Stockyard Systems

  • Stacker

  • Reclaimer

  • Bucket wheel Stacker cum Reclaimer

IoT Integration

We offer IoT integrated equipment which enables predictive maintenance, where the equipment can alert you to potential issues before they escalate into costly downtimes. By analyzing data on operational patterns and wear and tear, IoT-equipped machinery ensures optimal performance, extending the lifespan of your equipment and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

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